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Nutrient Management

Dairyland Laboratories provides nutrient management services that offer a high-quality, grower-specific plan that will meet environmental standards at an economical and practical manner.  The initial Nutrient Management Plan written by Dairyland Labs will require extensive discussions about how the farm is managed and what end products would be best to reach desired end goals. This is to ensure that time is not wasted on an exercise in futility - some paper to add to your shelves.

The plan is only as good as the information that is put into it. Garbage in, garbage out. It's also important to know that these are living documents; therefore, communication is required!  We will personally go over your plan with you to make certain that the plan meets its purpose and is understood. It can be expected that Dairyland Labs will give you a compliant plan that meets government expectations as well. Copies will be sent to all required parties. When requested, Dairyland Labs can act as the liaison between the different government agencies (e.g., DNR, County, DATCP) and the farm's NMP.

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