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A new integrative approach for troubleshooting production
problems related to the feeds and forages being utilized.

Many times diets do not perform as prescribed due to the many variables involved and the associative effects of feeds and forages. It can prove difficult to isolate the problem.

A new approach using gas production techniques can assist nutritionists and producers in gaining a better understanding of the digestion kinetics of feeds and forages. This information can be used to estimate milk production and provide the end user with options on how to adjust the ration.  

Jay Johnston of RFS Technologies in Ottawa, Canada has spent the last 15 years refining and perfecting his gas production system. This system, along with standard analysis and In situ steps, allow for the definition of Kds at multiple time points as well as measuring when maximum rates are achieved.

Dairyland Laboratories, Inc. is now offering Fermentrics™ in the two following packages:

  1. Fermentrics™-  Plus for TMRs (6MM, N7, M3)
    Includes: Rates and extent of digestion by gas production, CP, SP, ADIP, NDIP, ADF, NDF, Lignin, Starch, Sugar, Fat, Ash, Ca, P, K, Mg, S, Na and peNDF. 
    $145.00 / sample
  2. Fermentrics™ - Individual Feeds and Forages
    Includes: Rates and extent of digestion by gas production. NIR analysis of CP, SP, ADICP, NDICP, ADF, NDF, Lignin, Starch, and Sugar.
    $124.75 / sample

The analysis will take approximately 10 to 12 business days, once the sample arrives at Dairyland Laboratories.

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Interpretations & Guidelines

Fermentrics™reports incorporate traditional nutritional parameters with unique analytes such as direct measurement of microbial biomass production and a microbial approach to measuring soluble protein. Read Fermentrics™ Interpretation and Guidelines September 2013.

Read more

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“Fermentrics: A new ration evaluation tool”
by Bill Mahanna, Pioneer Hi-Bred, A DuPont Business.
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