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This notice is to inform our customers of a price adjustment effective August 1, 2014.
Over the last several years, Dairyland has focused on providing our customers with analysis that adds real value to a forage testing program. Some examples include:

  1. NIR Fat calibrations based on TFA extractions. These calibrations provide a 30 % improvement in accuracy over NIR calibrations based on Ether Extract.
  2. Addition of new NDFD time points as well as uNDF 240 and the MIR kd rates.
  3. Addition of qualitative IVSD 7hr. NIR calibration.

It has been over 3 years since we have changed our prices. Dairyland pricing structure includes the cost of shipping samples using UPS ground or USPS. With all the changes in the USPS system, a much higher percentage of our samples now go by UPS. This is a reliable option but at the same time our shipping costs/sample is higher using UPS. This is reflected in our new pricing.

We sincerely appreciate your business. Please contact us with any questions.

Dave Taysom

NIR Packages Price
NIR Complete $25.00
NIR Complete (Corn Grain) $25.00
N5- NIR CNCPS $25.00
NIR NDF Digestibility (Single Timepoint) $23.50
N7-NIR Select $18.50
N7I NIR Select plus Wet Chemistry NDFD $47.50
N1-NIR Basic $15.50
N7H- Equine Choice DE $18.75
N4-NIR Distillers Grain OARDC $18.50
NIR VFA Screen $9.00
NIR 7 HR IVSD $6.00
UW Grain 2.0 $44.00
Mineral Packages  
M1- Ca, P, K, Mg $9.00
M2- Ca, P, K, Mg, S $10.00
M3-DCAD- Ca, P, K, Mg, S, Cl, Na $14.00
M4-Complete Mineral $22.00
M7-Complete Mineral w/ DCAD $24.00
Molds & Mycotoxins   
Mold and Yeast Count & Identification $38.00
Mold and Yeast Count $20.00
Vomitoxin (ELISA method) $35.00
Aflatoxin (ELISA method) $35.00
Zearalenone (ELISA method) $38.00
T-2 Toxin (ELISA method) $38.00
Three Toxin Package (ELISA) $105.00
Four Toxin Package (ELISA) $140.00
Vomitoxin (TLC method) $48.00
Aflatoxin (TLC method) $48.00
Zearalenone (TLC method) $48.00
T-2 Toxin (TLC method) $48.00
Three Toxin Package (TLC) $98.00
Four Toxin Package (TLC) $109.00
Fumonisin $41.00
Wet Chemistry Analysis  
Package A - CP, moisture $13.00
Package B - CP, ADF (ADF Energy calcs, not on TMRs) $16.50
Package C - CP, ADF, NDF (ADF Energy calcs, not on TMRs (RFV on hay/haylage) $22.50
Package D - CP, NDF, Fat (ether extract), Ash (OARDC Energy calcs) $34.00
Package D1 - D plus ADF, AD-ICP, Lignin (OARDC energy calcs) $53.00
Package D2 - D plus ND-ICP, Protein Sol., ADF, AD-ICP, Lignin (OARDC calcs) $66.00
Package E - Cornell/Penn Model plus DCAD minerals $79.00
Package G - Swine ME energy includes M1 minerals $35.00
Package H - CP, Fat (ether extract) $21.00
Package J - Equine TDN and DE includes M1 minerals $35.00
Package L - Invitro NDFD (Must include NDF) $29.00
CSPS (must include NIR pkg or wet chemistry starch & NDF) $18.00
Invitro Starch Digestibility 7 hr (Includes starch) $46.50
Fermentation Quality Analysis (VFA Profile) $31.00
Particle Size (Forage or Grain micron size) $19.00
Germination $18.00
Moisture Only $13.00
Nitrates $10.00
Fecal Total Starch $21.00
Roasted Soybean Package (PDI) $40.00
TMR Mixing Evaluation (5 samples required) $98.00
Mixer Test (Grain/Complete Feeds) $98.00
Mineral Mixer Test $98.00
Fatty Acid Profile $39.00
NPN or Urea $25.00
Rumen Undegradable Protein (By-Pass) $49.00
Rumen Undegradable & Intestinal Protein Digestibility $79.00
Supplemental Analysis  
ADF $8.00
AD-ICP $6.00
Ash $6.50
Chloride $10.50
Crude Fiber $10.00
Crude Protein $6.00
Fat (Ether Extract) $10.50
Fat (Acid Hydrolysis) $19.00
Mojonnier Fat (Whey/Dairy Products) $28.00
Lignin (Must include ADF) $9.50
pH $8.00
Protein Solubility (Must include CP) $8.00
NDF $8.00
ND-ICP (Must include NDF) $6.00
Salt (Chloride as & Na Cl) $10.50
Starch $13.50
Sugar $13.50
Prolamin (Grain & Corn Only) $15.00
Coliform-Nitrate Package $32.00
Coliform $19.00
Nitrate Only $15.00
Livestock Water Package $39.00
Domestic Water Package $46.00
Complete Mineral $29.00


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If you are a member of the news media and would like more information about Dairyland Laboratories or general information about analytical testing in agriculture, please see our Press Releases page or contact:

Dave Taysom, Director
Dairyland Laboratories, Inc.
Office 608-323-2123
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Please click here to download a pdf of the article "Is there a role for NIR on the farm?" Part 1 published by Dairy Herd Network. 

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